We decide the unknown. We are forces. Your expectations are all subjective, Norea. Your probabilities are just a step. See, all things look things. That's our trick. That's where we hide from you. Find us: the price is the Universe. The true desire is seeking. We can accommodate reality for you, if you wish. The question opens a question and a question always creates boundaries, Norea. Peace is the message. Humans and their children inquired about the rulers. Rulers teach about the Power, and their will is to be considered untimely authorities. The origin has an origin itself, Norea. In the beginning, the horizon became a stranger. Things connoted the simple context. There were only judgements and interactions, and our own nakedness. Then came the consequences. A phenomenon becomes discrete dreams: you seek analytic shadows. Learn this: subjugation necessitates languages. Rulers create the truths others will live.